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Finding and buying the ideal property can be a dream come true. There is something special about walking up to the front door on moving day, sliding in your key and entering the foyer of your beautiful new home. Give yourself a big advantage. Read the following.

Has it been a few years since you purchased a home or are you a first-time homebuyer? Either way, things may have changed and there are some changes you need to know. First please understand all REALTORS® do not possess the same degree of skills or professionalism. As a professional, I desire for all on my customers and clients to be fully informed into all matters of real estate. First, let’s examine the following.

Do you need a Representation Agreement to work with a licensed REALTOR® in Florida? The answer is no, but you might want one. With sellers, that means a listing agreement. With buyers, that means a buyer representation agreement.

Florida Law, Chapter 475.278 provides that a representation agreement is the only way a REALTOR® can legally represent your interest in a real estate transaction.

Without a representation agreement, all licensed REALTORS® are bound under law to work for the best interest of the homeowner. That includes helping the homeowner getting the most favorable price and terms.  This is true for all agents in the state of Florida. Even the ones that never mention this to you.

If no representation agreement exists between you and a Broker or Agent, a Broker or Agent is not working in your best interest. And they are not telling you something you should know. All Brokers and Agents working with you without a representation agreement are presumed to be working as a “Transaction Agent” only. If a Broker or an Agent provided you with a “Single Agent: or a “Non-Agent” disclosure they are only making disclosures. Disclosures are not Agreements or Contracts. Should a Broker or Agent say or do something not in the best interest of the homeowner that Broker or Agent could be subject to a lawsuit by the homeowner and/or disciplined by the Florida Association of REALTORS®.

There are things you should understand about all contracts in Florida. According to Florida Law for a Contract to be legal certain essentials are required. One such essential is a consideration (meaning something of value). The law does not state the amount of consideration.

My Representation Agreement does not involve a cost to you. The agreement states a charge of $1.00 which I will charge to unpaid debt. My agreement is basically describing the services I owe you and any limitations for you to expect. About the only obligation from you is that you will be loyal to me by not calling or contacting other agents. The agreement is only for 30 days as it will not take me that long to find you the perfect home. However, you may cancel this agreement without penalty at any time.

The advantage of having a Representation Agreement is to you. By having one, I can and will put my education, experience, and knowledge to work making sure you get the best possible terms and conditions in your real estate transaction.

However, getting to that point can be a nightmare unless you have the REALTOR® working with you throughout the buying process. As your REALTOR®, I will ensure that I will do two important things for you:

  • Help you buy a home that matches your requirements;

  • Make the process simple and easy.

How do I work with clients?

To begin, I take the time to learn what you really want in a home. We look at your needs and desires and help you determine the price range within which you should shop. Then we show you properties that meet that criteria – including new listings the moment they come on the market.

As an addition to the many things that I do for my clients that few others even think of is I also search recently expired listings that fit your criteria. More than once I have located a perfect property for a Buyer and due to the fact the homeowner had spent time trying to sell without success a great price was negotiated.

As mentioned earlier by being able to work in your best interest, I will look out for your best interests. For example, we provide you with in-depth property details of each home you view, point out desirable features you may not notice and identify potential concerns you may have overlooked.

I will be by your side every step of the way. When you find a home you want, I will prepare and present the offer, negotiate skillfully on your behalf so you get that property at the lowest price possible.

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