Where Should You Start?

First, start by not picking the wrong Agent. So, how will you know? These are the most basic warning signs you are talking to the wrong Agent:

1. If any Agent has the paperwork ready for you to sign without having seen your home.

2. If an Agent asks you “how much do you want to put it on the market for.”

3. If the Agent offers to “make you a deal” if you will sign right now.

4. Ask how multiple offers will be handled. If the reply is I will present you with all the offers.

5. If the Agent doesn’t mention a percentage of listings he has sold.

6. Beware of “Top Producers, Multi-Million Dollar Agents, and all the #1 Agents.” We have about twenty #1 Agents right now!

Consumer Reports Magazine: “Beware of the Devilish Agent.  They will suggest a price higher than the homeowner expected. By falling for this, you are setting a path to not selling your home.”

All professionals will have to look at your home and do a considerable amount of research in order to show you want the “current market value” of your home is. With that completed, then we can intelligently discuss how much you would like to your asking price to be.

I will visit your home, do an assessment of your property. Like any true professional, I can not come to your home with a price in mind. After a thorough review of your home, I will spend some time reviewing and analyzing certain data that will aid in the proper valuation of your home and determine your current market conditions. Then, a second meeting which can be at your home or my office if you prefer. With that, I can give you my professional opinion as to how much your home may sell for, how long to expect, how to better position yourself to get the maximum dollar from your sale, explain all the paperwork required to put your home on the market and answer all of your questions.

If you plan to purchase another home in the area, we can talk about that too. In fact, there are significant advantages to having me help you with both transactions. If you are moving out of our area, I can help you find a qualified REALTOR no matter where you ar3e relocating to

After this consultation, although most people are eager to get started there’s no obligation.

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