What do Robby’s former clients say about this guy?

Like a lot of people, I did my own shopping on the Internet and picked out some places I wanted to see. Robby and Carol were more than happy to show them to me. The minute we walked into one, Robby told me to forget about this one. He then pointed out some things I would not have seen, so on we went. I had picked out a condo at Coral Gardens in Melbourne and was falling in love with it. Robby walks in and informs me there is a railroad track and whistle-blowing intersection about 100 yards from the front door. At first, I did not think that to be a big problem. but about 15 minutes into my walk through a train came by. I could hardly stand up the ground shook so bad. The whistle was so loud we could not talk to each other until the train passed. Later that evening I realized Robby had put my interest before his desire to make a commission. Bottom line: You can trust this guy and will be hard-pressed to find a better Realtor.

Local Attorney that prefers to remain anonymous.

I had a meeting with Robby at his office just as suggested. He went over his plan which made a lot of sense to me at the time. So, I had a pre-listing Home inspection and did find some things that needed correcting. Being able to do this in advance I save quite a few dollars by being able to use a handyman and I did not paint the house as I had planned as Robby told me to forget about it. We went on the market and I had a full price offer in ten days, just as planned.  It looks like I got about $10,000 in my pocket that I would not have had with any other agent. 

Larry at 625 Evergreen in Palm Bay

When Robby and Carol came to our home for us to sign a listing agreement, Robby told me my home should sell for $30,000 more than my number. Then he told me how this could happen if I would just take a few of his recommendations (which cost nothing). It was all about the way the home was to be marketed. Now know this. I work with almost every REALTOR® in my business. I selected Robby and Carol due to the fact they are very professional. But, when I heard their recommendations, I realized this might just work. Did it ever. Two weeks and asking price offer. We signed and closed without a single issue. Ten years later they sold my next home and got me right through the purchase of our current home. Excellent service and excellent RREALTORS®. Jim and Dawn Yerio

In a market as good as the current market is, there is just more to selling a home than putting it in the MLS. Robby and Carol were so clever in how they handled my home sale I am certain I have an additional $10,000 in my pocket today. First, Carol pointed out several things that cost next to nothing that made my home look much better. Robby asked for my written permission to do several things that I had never heard of before. He asked to put in the MLS “no offers before (date), only full price accepted.” Then we got three full price offers and Robby started calling each of the Buyer’s Agents asking them if they wanted to up the offer as we had three in hand. Unbelievable, but that worked like a charm. These two are terrific. If you are selling call them…. Jake Swafford (now living in Tennessee).

2018 was a year of change for me. After living in my home in Brandywine Estates for a lot of years it was time to start my new life. I had met Robby & Carol at a dog obedience class years ago. I went into their office and explained my situation to Robby. Robby immediately told me the perfect place for me was and we drove directly there. Robby suggested I sleep on it. The next day we went back and Robby directed me on the details of my offer. The offer was accepted without any complications. I moved in right away and put Brandywine on the market. Robby and Carol sold my Brandywine home almost immediately and I am now living in Viera’s Indiana River Colony Club. I could not be happier. I highly recommend these two to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They take their time and make certain every T is crossed and all I’s are dotted…. Toby Snodgrass

One thing you will grow to love about Robby is he answers his phone almost every time you call. If not, he will return your call immediately. I have used several Realtors in the past. One of the major problems in dealing with Realtors is once they get your signature on the dotted line they seem to disappear. This is far from the only detail you will find Robby and Carol not doing. They did not miss a trick in my four real estate transactions completed with there help. Robby and his wife Carol have my best recommendation.   Robert Lewis, Viera, Florida

Go look Bull Dog up in the dictionary. You will find a photo of Robby. When it comes to working out the details and persisting to get the job done, he is number ONE. Robby is very innovative and extremely knowledgeable. His service is highly recommended. Barry Mittleberg, Attorney At Law, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Not only have I and several of the Attorneys in my office used Robby and Carol personally as our Realtors, but we have also recommended clients and friends to them. All have expressed their appreciation for the excellent service…. Art W. Niergarth, Attorney At Law

In 2009 When it was time to sell our home in Rockledge we knew it was going to be difficult. We also knew we needed the best Realtors we could find. Robby & Carol were recommended to us with the utmost trust, based on proven results. They did not disappoint!! Throughout the entire process, we got expert advice and more professionalism than we could have hoped for. We do not think we could have sold our home without Robby & Carol’s determination and attention to detail. Anyone considering buying or selling real estate should look no further than Pioneer Properties USA and Robby & Carol Robertson. They are the best… Jamie, Melissa & Natalie Ball

Oh boy, was I ever in a mess. And, all for trying to help a friend. At one point I thought the sky was falling. Then, I called on the one guy that might be able to pull me out of this mess. Robby, you truly saved the day for me. I still do not know how you were able to pull this off, but I am just damn glad you know what you are doing. Thanks Dude!! Jerry Stag……..

Oh boy, do I have a story to tell. After initially meeting with Robby, he suggested a meeting with Attorney Scott Wright. Mr. Wright agreed we were victims of a real estate fraud. The bad news was going to be a fee of $10,000 would be needed to cover the cost of investigation and preparation because you cannot just go to court and accuse somebody of a crime. You must be able to prove it. At our ages, this is something we just did not want to deal with, so we decided to turn to Robby to sell our three investment properties and our residential home. Each of these properties had two mortgages and were severely past due (which was a surprise to us). Robby not only sold all four properties but when the final sale was completed, we had a check in our hand from JP Morgan Chase for $38,000.00 and we owed no debt to anyone!! What a nightmare year it was. We are now living in North Carolina and could not be more relieved. If you are looking for a REALTORS that knows what they are doing, look no further than Robby and Carol Robertson…… Charlie and Joy Howell

Having to sell a home in Florida in 2010 was going to be a near impossible task. I was recommended to Pioneer Properties by a friend. During the process, I must have asked Robby Robertson a thousand questions. He answered every single one of them and his answers turned out to be right on the money every single time. There was nothing easy about getting this done, but Robby made it effortless. Pioneer Properties and Robby & Carol Robertson have my first-class recommendation. I really do not think there is anyone else even close!! (Now living in North Carolina)…….. Joseph Smittelli

I had been trying to sell my Florida home for some time. Having listed this home for over a year with two different Realtors without success I needed somebody that could get the job done. That is when I found Robby Robertson, a true professional.Thanks Robby! …….Jeremey Martin, living in Pennsylvania

I had enough problems, but this one was a big headache. My home was oceanfront with a million-dollar balance that was worth about one half a million… Robby managed to pull this off and deal with two mortgages…. That was quite a trick!  Billy

Needing to move out of state in 2010, we knew we had a problem with selling our Florida home. We listened to Robby carefully and he told us if we would do exactly what he recommended; we should get our home sold with little problem. Not only was he correct, but we sold in three days and got $5,000 more than we were asking. Robby and Carol came highly recommended to us by a relative. I would do the same. Got a home you want to get sold? Call Pioneer Properties USA… Raymond and Gail Miller

You made buying a home so easy for my wife and me. We were grateful for how much patience you used in answering all our questions and taking us to look at so many houses. You never pushed us into looking at something we were not interested in. We strongly recommend you to anyone looking at buying a new home… Bob and Mindy Lawrence

Working with the two of you while selling our home has been a particularly positive experience. From day one, you both displayed nothing but complete professionalism while taking the time to educate us on the process of selling a home. My husband & I both were impressed with your knowledge of the real estate market as well as your strength in sales. As a seller, we could not have been more satisfied having you represent our side. With your help, the buying of our new home was completely painless. Your research and market analysis were extremely helpful in determining our offer. We both fell we are not in this beautiful home if it were not for the two of you. We are very appreciative….. Gina Gallo, CFP

Mr. & Mrs. Robertson were selected after interviews with several local real estate agents. My husband, a well-known local attorney, is very good at interviewing people. He & I were very impressed with Mr. Robertson’s professionalism and knowledge. He was very well prepared for our first meeting and he has continued to impress me throughout the sale & closing of my home. Robby was very helpful in assessing what was in my best interest and made very helpful suggestions. As evidence, my home was sold in two weeks’ time. He even noted a title company error that saved me $600+ dollars at the closing table! I feel a sincere debt of gratitude for the service… Carol Cowan, Melbourne Beach

Previously, we had our home listed with a different Agent. We became so disgusted we removed our home from the market after 3 months of almost nothing. Later on, we were recommended to Robby & Carol Robertson. Both Robby and Carol were great to work with. Our home was promoted and advertised very effectively which resulted in a quick sale. We had showing after showing and not a week went by without us hearing from them. If you want to get your home sold, we highly recommend Robby and Carol as your listing Agents. They are both very professional and highly effective. Thank you, Robby and Carol, for a job well done from beginning to end……. Bill & Mary Burnette now living in Murphy, N.C.

Due to Robby & Carol’s expert advice and hard work we were able to sell my mother’s Melbourne home in a very short time. They made the sale happen, made up for the buyer’s agent short-comings and brought the sale to closing 3 weeks ahead of schedule. My mother, my wife and I highly recommend Robby and Carol as Realtors for you to know. Bill Ashe, Bill Ashe Studio – NY, NY

From your professional presentation when we were interviewing Realtors to both closings in the same day, you both were there for us every step of the way. Many of the items you touched upon that first day ended up coming true. I do not think I ever believed it would be that easy. Mostly we appreciate the time you spent showing us homes until we found the one that fit our family. We were impressed that you did not try to push us into a more expensive home to earn a larger commission. You were genuinely concerned that our family got what it needed. We would be happy to speak with any of your future clients and give them our highest recommendations….. Joe & Theresa Tolle, Grant, Fl

Prior to listing our home Robby & Carol gave us excellent advice on the preparation of our home for sale, which we followed closely. Within one day of the listing, we had two offers, one of which was above our asking price. During the inspection and processing period prior to closing, Robby again provided excellent guidance for handling the few issues that came up. The closing occurred without a hitch. Robby & Carol are professionals, and they always handle themselves accordingly. We trusted them implicitly and found our trust well placed. You can do the same. Paul & Leah Casper

Expecting to get approximately $400,000 from the sale of our home, you can imagine I thought you might be nuts when you told me to expect to sale for $500,000.00. After listing our riverfront home, approximately 15 days afterward, here I stood with an offer of exactly your figure in my hand. Your professionalism and diligence were greatly appreciated…… Andy Garner, Melbourne, Fl